About Us

Our Experience

Castleford is Australia and New Zealand’s most experienced content marketing business

We produce website and social media content for clients across Australia, New Zealand and APAC. We offer a broad range of tailored content marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes, as well as government, trade associations and not-for-profits. We are a full service content marketing business, which means we do both content strategy and content production.

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Our history

We’ve experienced rapid expansion since the company started trading at the end of 2010. During that time we’ve witnessed content marketing really start to take hold in Australia and New Zealand. Through our sister companies in the UK, Europe and North America, we were able to bring unrivalled know-how and expertise to this exciting market. Combined with local talent, our global experience has made Castleford an innovative, driving force in the content marketing space.

Working with us

Castleford offers clients a dedicated team to devise and run their content marketing strategy and ensure the content we produce is consistent with their brand and supports their commercial objectives. Production is all in-house, with specialist teams working on editorial, graphics, video, analytics and tech to help clients find cost-effective solutions for their content marketing needs. Our subscription agreements are flexible and our billing is fixed and transparent.

Connecting with us

At Castleford, we’re content marketing evangelists. We speak at industry events, we blog and we openly share tips and advice. We want to see every business in Australia and New Zealand using content marketing to promote themselves and engage their target markets. If you’d like to see some relevant examples, whatever industry you’re in, you can book a demo or reach out to us through one of our social media profiles.

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