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Infographics for blogs and social media

Infographics are an excellent way to communicate your key messages and improve the aesthetic appeal of your website, blog or social media pages. Research has shown that our brains will absorb information quicker and retain it for longer if it’s presented in a visual format rather than as text. That makes infographics a great tool for communicating with your target audience, especially if you’ve got a lot to say.

If you have pages and pages of dense, technical information about your business, infographics can help you make it more accessible and easier to understand. This is especially useful if you’re trying to explain a complex process or niche piece of technology. Infographics leverage the power of visual communication to deliver your information in an intuitive, engaging way.

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Professionally-presented infographics are also a great way to keep your blog or social media pages consistent with your brand identity. By using your colour palette, fonts and logos, you can put your stamp on your content wherever it’s published.

Graphics that help boost your SEO

Infographics and custom images are ideal for improving the diversity of your blog or website content. Diversity is becoming more and more important for your SEO, because it’s a good indicator that you have quality content created by humans on your website, rather than robotic, boilerplate content that offers little value to users.

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By publishing the occasional infographic or using smaller custom images to break up the text of longer-form editorial content, you’ll not only provide a more engaging experience for the people visiting your site, you’ll also see improved organic search rankings. Google is constantly adjusting its search algorithm to reward sites with quality content and graphics are a fantastic way to boost your quality credentials.

Graphics that drive social engagement

Getting cut-through with organic posts on the most popular social media sites is getting increasingly difficult. As more and more brands make their presence felt on Facebook and other big social platforms, getting eyeballs on to your content can be a real challenge. With visual content more likely to be viewed, liked and shared on social media, infographics and custom images are vital tools in your content marketing toolbox.

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Graphic design will also allow you to tailor your content strategy to different social sites. Whether it’s an infographic for Facebook or Pinterest, or smaller custom images and memes for Instagram or Twitter, graphics enable you to create the right piece of content for the right social media platform.

Working with our in-house design team

Our unique in-house set-up puts professional designers, researchers, writers, editors and Content Strategists at your disposal. This means your infographics and custom images are created as part of a rolling Content Plan. Rather than giving you isolated pieces of content, our Content Strategists will work with you to ensure your graphics are optimised for search and promoted across your website, blog and social media pages.

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Our infographics and custom images are delivered to your blog using our custom-built Content API, which means they get published in a timely and search-friendly manner. Graphics, just like any piece of quality content, can only start working for your business once they’ve been released into the world.

As well as infographics and custom images, our designers provide a full range of visual content options, from whitepaper and e-book layouts to custom CTAs and landing page banners. With the look and feel of everything you do online becoming increasingly important, our designers play an essential role in delivering effective and responsive content marketing strategies.