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Content production, strategy and technology for company blogsCompany Blogs

Our custom-built Content API supports seamless publishing of editorial, graphics and video content on to your company blog. It is compatible with all major content management systems. Our developers can install it on your existing blog or they can work with our design to team to build you a new blog.

Regular content for your company blog is created by our in-house production teams. Our writers, editors, researchers, designers, animators and videographers create a huge range of content for clients every day in line with rolling Content Plans run by our dedicated, Google-certified content strategists.
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Landing pages optimised for search, conversion and user experienceLanding Pages

Quality landing pages should be at the heart of your content marketing strategy. These are the pages that you want visitors to your website to find so they can learn more about what you do and make the next step towards becoming a customer.

Our content strategists help clients identify existing pages that need improving and new pages that need creating. Our writers will then create the copy and our designers will be on hand if you need new banners or calls-to-action so that your landing pages are optimised for conversion and user-experience, as well as search.
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Downloadable content to generate leads for your businessDownloadable Content

A good content marketing strategy can win you more visitors from search engines and social media and it can help build long-term relationships with your target audience. But content marketing strategies should also generate leads.

Our writers and designers produce a range of high-value downloadable content, including whitepapers, case studies and product guides. These downloads will be promoted on your blog content, landing pages and social media. They’ll be hosted on our content marketing technology platform and used to capture lead information for your business.
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Content strategists create and run your Content PlanContent Strategy

Once you have access to our production teams and our custom-built technology, you’ll need someone to drive your content marketing strategy. Our in-house team of strategists works closely with the production and technical departments to run rolling Content Plans and flexible Editorial Briefs for our clients.

Content Plans help you leverage the broad growing range of content marketing products available under our subscription agreements. Editorial Briefs keep your content aligned with your commercial priorities. Your content strategist is also there to ensure you see results, providing regular reports, seeking out your feedback and offering ongoing consultancy support.
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Our Teams

We have a strong preference at Castleford for developing our own specialist teams to deliver our content marketing services to clients. These teams are organised into three departments: Editorial Production; Content Strategy & Analytics; and Content Marketing Technology:

Editorial Production

We have built a full-scale, in-house production operation to create editorial, graphics and video content for our clients. Our unique set-up draws on our experience in the news business, where gathering information; using source material properly and fairly; and a strong commitment to editorial quality are essential.

Our writers, editors, researchers, designers, video producers and animators work for us full-time and are organised into specialist teams. This allows us to put a full range of different skillsets at our clients’ disposal, supporting our commitment to diversity and flexibility.
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Content Strategy & Analytics

The ability to create content is only part of the skillset you need to run successful content marketing campaigns. We invest in a growing team of content strategists to develop and deliver Content Plans for our clients.

Our content strategists project manage each client account, drawing on the wide range of different skills on offer from our local teams here is Australia and New Zealand, as well as at Brafton, our American sister company.

We train our content strategists on content creation, search engine optimisation, analytics, social media marketing and paid promotion. They provide regular reports to clients to demonstrate ROI and offer support and advice across the digital marketing landscape.
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Content Marketing Technology

The third piece of our content marketing jigsaw is our custom-built technology. Our in-house developers have built internal and client-facing applications specifically designed to deliver effective content marketing strategies.

Our Content API supports the seamless publishing of regular editorial, graphics and video content for company blogs. Our content marketing technology also provides hosting of downloadable content and the capturing of lead information.

And because our developers work right alongside our design and editorial teams, they can also make simple changes and fixes to client websites; install our Content API; build new blog sections; or even create new websites.
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Our Staff

We have made a strong commitment to hiring and retaining the best talent in our Sydney and Auckland offices. As a growing business, we are always hiring and expect our rapid expansion to continue as demand for content marketing in this part of the world gets stronger and stronger.

Our local talent is complemented by the expertise of high calibre individuals from our US sister company, Brafton Inc. Our close working relationship with Brafton enables us to bring additional resources and the experience of overseas markets to our work here in Australia and New Zealand.
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