Unrivalled content marketing experience in Australia and New Zealand. ROI-focused campaigns covering strategy, planning, content creation and amplification.


As a content marketing agency with 15 years of experience delivering end-to-end ROI, our digital media services are scalable to the needs of every business and consumer. That means custom SEO content that hits every stage of the customer journey, every phase of the sales funnel.

Our Google-certified strategists craft brand-specific B2B and B2C campaigns with full transparency into performance metrics, distribution channels and competitive analyses. Increasing conversions and driving tangible revenue has never been easier


To capitalise on the growing amount of time consumers spend online, our content marketing services are adapted to a digital-first environment. Wherever your prospects are, that’s where your brand should be. A comprehensive online presence is non-negotiable, and with Castleford you are granted full-scale control of delivery, quality and management of that presence.




  • Buyer personas and customer journey mapping.
  • Measurement, analytics tracking and data insights.
  • Audits of content, social media, websites, competitors and user experience.
  • On-page, off-page and technical search engine optimisation.
  • Campaign planning, management and reporting.
  • A/B and UX testing.
  • Email automation.
  • Content and brand identity consulting.
  • Project management.



  • Landing page and blog copy.
  • eBooks and white papers.
  • Case studies and customer testimonials.
  • Video production and animations.
  • Infographics and asset design.
  • Custom illustrations and logo design.
  • Newsletters and email copy.
  • Calls-to-action.
  • Web design and development.
  • Product and services copy.
  • Social graphics and copy creation.
  • On-demand artwork.



  • Full-service email marketing.
  • Paid and organic social media.
  • Guest-posting and syndication.
  • Pay-per-click and display advertising.
  • Influencer marketing and outreach.
  • Press releases and sponsored content.
  • Retargeting and remarketing.
  • User-generated content.
  • Platform management and content administration.
  • Web analytics and SEO evaluation.
  • Fully-managed content strategies.
  • SEO and content auditing.


Content marketing is the only form of marketing left. It’s the only methodology that delivers measurable returns at reasonable costs. It’s 62% cheaper than outbound marketing and generates 6X more conversions.

Your online media properties serve as the digital storefront to your business. Brick and mortar has been replaced with HTML code and .com impressions. While traditional marketers may have taken out an ad in the local paper or paid for a billboard, today’s content marketers understand that online prospects and customers are not static.

A blog post lives on in perpetuity, yet it comes with just a one-time investment: That’s sustainable, long-term ROI you can plan for. Content of all types can be published and shared across the entire spectrum of the web, essentially giving your brand an entry point into the lives of the 4 billion internet users around the world. No billboard — no other marketing — achieves that reach.

Offering consumers informative, practical and engaging content begins a conversation, one that ideally results in a purchase – and continues with repeat purchases in the future. Content marketing maps strategically to objective business goals, too. It produces:

Qualified leads (and more of them).

Cheaper cost per lead and cost per sale.

Shorter sales cycles.

Reduced marketing and sales overhead.

Customer data to fuel other channel campaigns.

Competitive business intelligence.

Thought leadership and brand affinity.

Higher organic rankings for target keywords.

Long-term traffic and user touchpoints.

Everlasting, custom sales collateral.

Marketing is a revenue centre for your company. Content is the medium for making that revenue possible.


Content marketing makes the intangible tangible. Abstract concepts like exposure or awareness should be associated with actual dollar amounts. By constructing your campaigns in a way that tracks all assets and their performance metrics, and then cycles that data back into subsequent content marketing efforts, you create a high-powered, accelerative revenue stack.

That’s what we do: track, compile, evaluate and upcycle every atom of data across all promotions and distribution channels to design the best content experience for the right target audience at the right time.

As a content marketing agency, we are an experienced addition to your in-house team, bringing process, creative talent and vision to your marketing dreams. That includes on-brand audience messaging, SEO strategy, social media influence and quality content that’s optimised to connect with high-value, high-intent readers and viewers.


Obtaining social media followers or email subscribers is great, but you need to convert targeted engagements into meaningful leads as well. We recognise that not every consumer is a lead, and not every lead is of quantitative value to your brand. But the prospects that fit your personas need to be nurtured and energised to become a revenue source for your organisation.

Visual or written content tells your brand narrative and entices actionable behavior from your audience so you can tap into every business opportunity that exists within each interaction. Using enterprise SEO tools and proprietary digital software platforms, we determine what type of content to create, when to publish it, how to amplify it and which conversion goals it should be achieving.

It’s the best of art and data science, and it’s a model that few content marketing agencies can match. At Castleford, we push the market forward and set the standard for dynamic and reliable revenue streams.

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