Laura Gomes

Laura Gomes


Laura Gomes was once beautifully described as Castleford’s swan – calm and composed at all times, yet working hard beneath the surface to make it all happen.

And making it happen seems to be her thing. Back in South Africa, where she and her husband hail from, part of her job was managing her firm’s annual awards.

“I really relished the challenge when it came around every year! Managing all those details from flying employees into Johannesburg from around the country, to organising the venue, entertainment and accommodation for everyone in the business. It was hard, but a lot of fun.”

While there Laura held several roles, including managing a call centre, and overseeing all marketing – and since arriving in New Zealand has been a client services manager at a financial services firm, and a campaign executive at Flight Centre’s head office.

Now at Castleford, Laura’s superb organisation and client service skills go into leading our Content Strategists in Australia and New Zealand, and ensuring our clients get the results they need. Which of course means plenty of paddling beneath the surface, and calm composure above…


Laura Gomes