12 Days of Christmas Sweater Memes


12 Days of Christmas Sweater Memes

Here at Castleford, we’ve got a lot of time for memes.

A good meme can go viral – spreading ideas throughout the e-community. Memes can be used in marketing to create a buzz around a product or service. They can highlight important political issues and drive meaningful conversations. Most of the time though, memes serve a singular purpose: to make you laugh very, very hard.

Without further adieu, we present twelve of our favourite memes, all centred around another love of ours: ugly Christmas sweaters.

What a better way to kick off our list than with Ned Stark (RIP). Any Facebook or Instagram user can relate to this one – that festive time of year when your entire feed is inundated with Ugly Christmas sweater photos.

We’re pretty sure there’s more to life than really, really ridiculously ugly Christmas sweaters, but we’re still not sure.

Every office has one: the lady who takes the Nordic print way too far.

You don’t get much more meta than this – a meme themed sweater, talking about Christmas in an article about Christmas sweater memes. Can I buy it in every colour?

No meme anthology is complete without an appearance by the Internet’s grimmest feline: Grumpy Cat.

Note to self: adjust your Facebook privacy settings for Nana this Christmas if you haven’t already.

… but maybe don’t wear this one to the work Christmas do.

Last year, Drake took a lot of heat for the chunky turtleneck he wore in his ‘Hotline Bling’ music video. A Christmas sweater meme was really inevitable.

What. A. Savage.

A classic meme from the archives: the College Freshman. Don’t repeat his mistakes – put the hoody away this Christmas and whip out your boldest, brightest and most importantly, ugliest sweater.

Ugly sweater? More like cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

And our closing word of advice: this Christmas, embrace your inner Vin Diesel wearing a Christmas sweater in front of a snowy white backdrop. You won’t regret it.