Advent Calendar Terms and Conditions

Day 2 Advent Calendar Offer: Slideshow Video

  1. This Offer is open to businesses who are not current clients of Castleford.  Additional criteria apply at Castleford’s discretion (including but not limited to business size, past clients, competitors etc).
  2. This Offer is open to businesses in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland only.
  3. A Castleford In-Person Demo must be booked and confirmed by 22 December 2017 – by a suitable representative of the business in order for this Offer to be valid.  Demos are typically at least 30 minutes long.  If the Demo is not completed to Castleford’s satisfaction, the terms of this Offer will not be met and the Slideshare Video will not be created.
  4. To redeem this Offer, a Demo can be booked via this page.  A Castleford representative will then be in touch to confirm the booking.
  5. Demos must be fully completed by 31 January 2018.
  6. The Offer cannot be redeemed for cash or units, and can not be transferred to another business.
  7. The Slideshow Video will be created from a selection of pre-existing templates. These templates will be adapted to fit the brand of the business that successfully redeems this Offer.  More info on the Slideshow Video is here.
  8. Slideshare Videos will be delivered within two months of the Demo being completed.  If it is not possible to create and finalise the Slideshare Video within this timeframe, for example due to delays outside Castleford’s control, the offer will expire and the Slideshare Video will not be completed.