Optimech Case Study Intro

Optimech wanted to improve their brand awareness and generate more leads. We used a combination of SEO analysis, blogs and landing pages to help them rank in search for high intent keywords and get more of the right people on to their site.


  • 274 per cent increase in page views on rewritten landing pages
  • Organic search now driving 77 per cent of leads
  • Overall page views increased 144 per cent 
  • Ranking on page #1 for target keywords

About Optimech

Optimech Case Study Products

Optimech is a specialist consultancy, providing a range of engineering, material performance and forensic science services to industrial clients. Based in Henderson, New Zealand, Optimech has a long-standing commitment to research and development, which has allowed it to support its work with leading-edge technology.

Optimech works across a number of verticals, including power generation, manufacturing, food processing and automotive. Their team of professional and graduate engineers conduct laboratory testing, asset integrity assessments, chemical testing and analysis, materials consulting and water quality control.

A full list of services and case studies are available on their website.

Our Campaign

Optimech Case Study Campaign

Optimech operates in a highly-specialised niche. This brings both challenges and opportunities for content-led digital marketing campaigns.

Traditionally their website had been used primarily to provide information about what they do for existing and prospective customers.

In most cases, users heard about Optimech through another channel and then visited the site to find out more about them.

Having been dissatisfied with the results of previous digital campaigns they hired us to help expand the site’s search footprint and get more people discovering Optimech and what they do through search.

The aim was open up the site to a much larger audience and target people earlier on in the decision making process when they might not be aware of Optimech or even know that solutions exist to their particular problem.

Content Planning

Once we had done an initial site audit, created some user personas and spent some time learning about Optimech’s business we got started with Content Planning.

This product is designed to identify the keywords clients can and should rank for in organic search. And it scopes out the length and structure of content that can compete with the top results.

Content Planning makes it much easier for writers to create articles that drive search traffic and ensures those articles target the most useful keywords.


A lot of our campaigns are powered by blogs. 

Typically we use blogs to target top-of-funnel keywords. These are the terms users search for when they’re doing early stage research. They might not be ready to buy yet, but they are looking for information and will often reward brands who provide good, reliable information with their business.

By combining the analysis of our Content Planning with the skill and creativity of our writers we were able to produce blogs that rank in search for keywords Optimech wanted to win.

Here is an example:

Landing Pages

Blogs are perfect for targeting long-tail keywords and answering questions being posed by your audience.

But when it comes to winning more competitive, short-tail keywords we use in-depth landing pages.

Optimech already had dedicated landing pages for each of its service areas. These are the pages that should rank when someone is looking for information on a particular product or problem. 

A key deliverable in this first campaign was for us to review and rewrite Optimech’s service landing pages so that they could compete for high-intent keywords in local search. 

Here are some examples:

These new landing pages played a big role in driving more organic traffic to the site, which is now the major source of inbound leads.

Our Team

The Content Planning work for this campaign was handled by our Digital Strategy Team. As well as analysis and planning for blogs and landing pages, this team creates a range of consulting products for our clients including our User Personas, State of Play Reports and Amplification Plans.

Ciaran Bruder, one of our in-house writers, took the lead with the editorial work. He was supported by his Editorial Manager, Laura Barron, and Project Manager, Kaitlin McLeod.

About Castleford

Castleford is an innovative and creative content marketing agency based in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. We work closely with our American sister agency, Brafton Inc, to create and run content marketing campaigns for clients across Australia and New Zealand.

We offer flexible, campaign-to-campaign agreements. Our 30+ content marketing products are updated and improved constantly and they are all priced in transferable units. Get in touch today to see relevant client examples and bespoke pricing for your business.

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Organic traffic now driving 77% of leads

274% increase in traffic to new landing pages

Total page views up 144%

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