Stackcat Case Study

Stackchat wanted to expand their website’s reach in organic search and they needed a softer conversion goal for users not ready to commit to a demo. We combined their strong brand and awesome products with our strategic and creative skills to produce a series of high quality blog articles and a beautifully-design, gated whitepaper.


  • 144 per cent uplift in organic sessions since the blog launched
  • 31 per cent of sessions have included a visit to the blog
  • Blog visitors were 74 per cent more likely to convert
  • 9 per cent conversion rate on whitepaper downloads
  • Whitepaper downloads accounted for 85 per cent of goal completion

About Stackchat

Stackchat About

Stackchat is a high-growth, tech business creating best-in-class voice and text-based customer experiences. Leveraging the power of AI, Stackchat offers a range of conversational marketing products including chatbots, voice search and intelligent assistants.

Based in Sydney, Stackhat has global ambitions. Its solutions are supported by strong SLAs and top-of-the-line security. They are all GDPR-compliant and the company guarantees the highest standards of data protection.

Technical specs on Stackchat’s products are available here. Here is a brief intro video:

Our Campaign

Stackchat Products

Stackchat are an ambitious, innovative company with a compelling suite of products. They had a fantastic-looking brand identity. But they needed to make more people aware of what they could do and demonstrate expertise and authority in their space.

When we first met with Stackchat the site was a one-pager pushing users to a demo request. The site looked fantastic and the conversion goal was prominent and easy to complete. There was a also newsletter sign-up, but there was an opportunity to give users more to do on the site.

Our campaign featured two elements. The first was a series of high-quality blog posts to provide useful, relevant information for users and to help build a presence for Stackchat in organic search.

The second was a gated whitepaper to capture leads from users in the middle of the funnel.

Content Planning

Planning and research are just as important as writing when it comes to creating really effective blogs.

Our Content Planning process identified the topics Stackchat’s audience was more likely to care about. And scoped out how we could create blogs that would rank in search.

The result was a series of blog posts that offered value to users, but also helped drive a significant increase in the number of sessions from organic search. This example out-ranked CMO Australia to claim both the #1 organic spot and position zero for the target keyword.

Stackchat Blog Ranking

Graphic Design

The blogs had to be interesting and relevant, but they also had to fit Stackchat’s brand identity. To achieve this, our design team created a series of thumbnail images that were used as featured images for each post.

This helped to ensure Stackchat’s visually striking branding ran consistently through the site, on email and on social media. It will be especially important in future campaigns involving more aggressive promotion of Stackchat’s content.

Stackchat Info Image
Stackchat Info Image 2


The blogs started to build out the Stackchat site with interesting, useful, non-salesy content. But we also wanted to capture lead information from some of these users.

To meet that objective we worked closely with Stackchat to research and write a whitepaper looking at how chatbots contribute to ROI.

Again, the design element was very important here. A user downloading a whitepaper from Stackchat would expect both valuable, in-depth content and also a visually-engaging asset.

To help capture lead information from anyone who wanted to read this whitepaper we also designed and created a hosted landing page. This gave us somewhere to link to in LinkedIn ads promoting the whitepaper.

Stackchat Conversion Landing Page

Our Team

Content Planning for this campaign was handled by Chas Lang, one of our digital strategists. Our Digital Strategy team create a range of analysis, consulting and planning products to help direct our creative talent.

The editorial work for the blogs and whitepapers was produced by our in-house tech writers, working closely with one of our editorial managers, Sabrina Dorronsoro

Our graphic design team created the thumbnail images, whitepaper layout and conversion landing page mock-ups. Dev work to get the conversion landing page up and the download form working was courtesy of our web development team.

About Castleford

Castleford is an innovative and creative content marketing agency based in Sydney. We work closely with our American sister agency, Brafton Inc, to create and run content marketing campaigns for clients across Australia and New Zealand.

We offer flexible, campaign-to-campaign agreements. Our 30+ content marketing products are updated and improved constantly and they are all priced in transferable units. Get in touch today to see relevant client examples and bespoke pricing for your business.

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Whitepaper accounted for 85% of goal completions

144% uplift in sessions from organic search

Blog visitors 74% more likely to convert

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