Content Marketing Demo

Content Marketing Demo


Would you like to know more about how content marketing can generate leads and sales for your business? Let us show you how we can help.

Whether it’s in-person or via a screenshare, we’ll find a time and place that suits your diary.

We regularly survey people who have taken part in our content marketing demos – and over 94 per cent of respondents rated their experience good or excellent.

What's in a demo?

First and foremost our demos need to be useful to you. So we tailor the conversation and the examples to your particular situation. We’ll have some questions for you at the start, so we can understand where you’re at and what challenges you’re facing.

We’ll show you lots of great examples of work we’ve done to illustrate how content marketing can meet some of the challenges you face and make a positive difference to your business.

And then we’ll explain a little bit about how we work, to run you through our unit-based pricing model and the different subscription options. When we’re done you’ll get the slides we created for you, including links to the examples, and a copy of the latest edition of our Content Menu which lists all of our products and services.

How long does a content marketing demo take?

Every demo is different but we usually recommend setting aside at least an hour for an in-person demo and 45 minutes for a screenshare demo. We try to leave plenty of time between our demos in case you’re running late or have lots of questions (usually the case), so we can always be flexible.

Do I need to prepare for my content marketing demo?

We do our best to respect your time, so we do the prep work for our content marketing demos. You just need to show up.

For in-person content marketing demos it would be great if we could do it somewhere quiet where we can show you some examples. But we’ve done demos in all sorts of places from busy cafes to airport departure lounges, so we’ll go with whatever works for you.

For virtual content marketing demos you’ll need access to a reliable internet connection. We use GoToMeeting, which is one of the world’s most-widely used and trusted screenshare platforms. You can access GoToMeeting on any device, but you’ll be best using a larger screen like a PC or laptop. It supports audio, but we can also call you on a mobile or landline if you prefer.

In-person or virtual content marketing demo?

If you’re based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Auckland we can come see you in-person for your content marketing demo. Anywhere else across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore or further afield we’ll set up a screenshare and do it virtually.