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1.27m Twitter posts during 83rd Academy Awards

We blogged a few weeks ago about how Twitter helped to create a global feeling of community during the Super Bowl – and now it seems as though the chirpy micro-blogging site has done it again.

The brains at Twitter analytics firm TweetReach have teamed up with Mass Relevance to create a realtime data map of the conversations that took place during yesterday's (Sunday evening for Americans, mid-day Monday for us here in Australia) awards ceremony.

Analysts chose to examine more than 20 terms relating to the awards – including Oscars, Academy and others (although no specific names of actors or film titles were included) – during the time the show was live on air.

In total, they found 388,717 users posting a total of 1.27 million tweets – making a potential total of more than 1.66 billion impressions. At one point, more than 12,000 posts were made in a single minute – that's a lot of tweeting!

Some of the most popular retweets of the evening were posted by famous faces including American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and Inception star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as well as satirical newspaper The Onion.

TechCrunch, which reported the data, commented that the social networking site "has changed the way we watch television".

Despite these astonishing figures, TweetReach CEO Jenn Davis told the blog the numbers were actually lower for the Academy Awards than they were for previous big 2011 events, including the Grammy Awards and the Super Bowl. This, she suggested, may be because musicians such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber tend to drive Twitter conversations in a way that movies have not yet been able to match.