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10 Content Marketing Predictions for 2015 [INSIGHT]

As content marketers across Australia and New Zealand prepare for a well-earned Christmas break, we thought it would be a good time to start thinking about 2015. A lot has changed in content marketing over the past 12 months. We’ve seen content hog the digital marketing spotlight, as changes in search, increasing c-level interest and constant buzz have brands of all sizes make content creation and content promotion top priorities.

2014 has been a big year for Castleford. As a leading content marketing business we’ve witnessed the growing demand for content and the continued maturing of the industry in this part of the world. More and more businesses are looking for help generating the range, quality and volume of content they need to meet their marketing objectives and that trend is sure to continue in 2015.

So, before our thoughts turn completely to barbecues on the beach, we asked 10 of our hardworking and super-talented content marketers to share their predictions for next year:

2015 Content Marketing Predictions


While this might not be the most exciting prediction I think it is one of the most important. A mobile-friendly website is going to be paramount for SEO and content marketing success in 2015. With my clients, I’ve seen a huge surge in mobile traffic to their sites. Google sees the value of catering for mobile users and is actively labeling websites as “mobile friendly”, which is likely to have a big impact on clickthrough. Not to mention the fact that “mobile friendly” has become an important ranking factor this year.

Gill, Senior Content Marketing Strategist


Perhaps the biggest barrier to any successful content marketing strategy is keeping pace with the adoption of new technology – and 2015 is going to be an exciting year for new technology. With the Internet of Things, Wearable Tech, Augmented Reality and Smart Machines not so much on the horizon but at our doorstep, businesses need to be flexible and creative with their approach to content marketing if they are to gain a competitive advantage.

Zak, Associate Content Editor on Business & Technology


I think the use of videos in marketing campaigns is going to continue to ramp up. Sponsored videos are now appearing on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook – included on timelines now without users necessarily having interacted with the brand. Facebook has also just added a counter under videos that tells you how many people have watched them, which is an easy way of tracking the reach of video campaigns. 

Emma, Senior Content Writer on Travel & Lifestyle


I think that in 2015 we will see a rise in the number of content strategies that employ image and micro-video content strategies across social media. The growth in popularity of platforms such as Instagram provides brands with a huge opportunity to drive customer engagement and amplify online content. This is especially true if you can find those social platforms where your audience is particularly active. 

Eli, Content Marketing Strategist


A big challenge next year – and therefore also an opportunity – will be how bigger brands handle the various internal stakeholders that want to get involved in their content marketing campaigns. There are so many great opportunities to use content where your window is limited. Big brands that can stay agile and publish on time will have a real advantage over the competition. 

Kate, Commercial Director


Twitter is planning to release native video capabilities at some point in 2015, which I think is really exciting. Twitter already allows users to share their videos, but the ability to record and post content all within the Twitter environment is new. Perhaps we’ll see a shift from Vine and YouTube campaigns to more Twitter native video? 

Max, Associate Content Editor on Property & Finance


With my editor’s hat on I’ll have to go for the quality and range of your editorial content as the big themes for 2015. No matter what your business does, with the right support and resources you can create loads of really interesting and relevant editorial content for your website and social media.

Amanda, Managing Editor


Twitter seems to be focusing on driving greater exposure for user content as its #1 goal for 2015 with plans to expand content reach via distribution partnerships and syndication. The primary focus will be on expanding to “logged out content viewers” as well as improving topic-based search. Twitter is definitely a platform for content marketers to watch next year. 

Hamid, Senior Business Development Manager


User experience will continue its rise in 2015. All aspects of online marketing will have a huge focus on user experience, as Google leads the way by rewarding websites that users find the most useful. I think the top performers will have high quality content which is clear and concise, visually appealing, easy to navigate, and best answers the users question. 

Trent, Content Marketing Manager


For me, 2015 will be all about variety. We’ve seen a big push from Google this year on quality and that’s put a huge emphasis on content when it comes to winning relevant visitors from search. I’m expecting lots of success in search for the brands that not only invest in good quality content, but also vary the types of content they create and how they promote it. 

Rob, Business Development Director


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