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10x content: what it is and why you should be creating it

In the words of Rand Fishkin, founder and former CEO of the inbound marketing company Moz: “Good, unique content needs to die.”

This may strike you as a strange thing to say, because, isn’t “good, unique content” what we all want for our sites?

But with 93% of business to business marketers using content marketing to drive their online strategy and something like two million blog posts published every day the competition is pretty stiff.

In order to stand out and have your target audience really notice your content it needs to be ten times better than any other similar article on the internet.

The concept of ‘10x content’ (coined by Fishkin) suggests that if you want to have any chance of getting your content in front of the right people it needs to surpass the level of a “good” post and instead be one of the best articles about that particular topic.

Why does your brand need 10x content?

The age old saying is simple: content is king. Creating regular, relevant, useful content not only provides valuable information for your target customers but also helps to drive up your search rankings.

Google – the only search engine anyone uses in this part of the world – continues to roll out updates rewarding sites that create content aimed at helping users. If your site offers real value to a particular search query rather than just trying to play the system, Google will display your links higher in its search results.

The problem of course is that the bar is being raised all the time. In the recent past, you could win search traffic by being first to a particular topic. But with the exponential growth the web has experienced over the past decade opportunities to be first are harder to come by.

So if you can’t be first you have to be better – 10x better. By really investing in each piece of content you create and trying to make the very best resource on your chosen topic you can speak to Google’s existing quality signals and leave yourself well-placed to benefit from future changes.

Not only does 10x content increase your chances of being seen by your target audience, it also sets your brand apart as being an authority in its field. By providing relevant and informative content, your audience begins to trust your brand and form an association with the particular product or service you sell.

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