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15 content marketing stats that prove you need to call the experts

How much do you really know about content marketing? For that matter, can you honestly say that you’re across the intricacies of online marketing in general? Not to mention more challenging areas like content strategy and SEO basics.

These are the questions that decision makers find themselves asking when trying to improve their business’s online presence or generate more leads. It can all seem very big and conceptual, and you might find yourself wishing there was just a bit of concrete data to explain the benefits of content marketing.

Well, if that’s what you need then we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of 15 cold, hard facts that not only prove the value of content marketing but also show why you need expert help.

1. 79%  of marketing decision makers believe content marketing is quite or very effective

We’re starting off with a big one, pulled from Zazzle Media’s 2017 State of Content Marketing Survey. Nothing speaks as loudly as results, and with almost 80 percent of the survey’s respondents highlighting the effectiveness of content marketing, there just isn’t any excuse for neglecting your business’s content strategy.

2. Only 6% of marketing decision makers definitely know how to use content marketing

Here’s another stat from Zazzle’s survey, and it’s huge in the context of the previous one. Most decision makers believe in content marketing, but only a very small percentage know how to use it. Put simply, content marketing requires expertise. It isn’t a lead generation strategy that just anybody can start working on – the right knowledge, the right content and the right people all need to be involved if you want to see results.

3. Content marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing

This one comes from Demand Metric, and should be music to the ears of anybody thinking about a marketing push, but wary of the impact on their bottom line. Even better is the second half of this stat, which conveniently sits at the #4 spot on our list!

4. On a per-dollar basis, content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing

Yup, not only will content marketing cost you less, but you’ll get more bang for your buck to boot! Not every company has millions of dollars to throw at campaigns, social media and strategy, but a well-thought-out content marketing approach can help any business punch above its weight.

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5. 70% of people would rather learn something from an article than an advert

This is our final stat from Demand Metric, and it’s a biggie. Nobody likes being told what to do, and while there’s no denying the effectiveness of smart advertising, it’s just a little bit nicer learning about a new topic without being bombarded by sales messaging. Case in point, pop-up ads.

6. 615 million devices are blocking ads on the internet

There are some sites you just can’t visit without being greeted by a banner offering you the chance to win a Green Card or trial a ‘game-changing’ new product. Pop-up ads are a fact of life – or are they? The topic of advertising on the web is so critical to businesses that PageFair publishes an annual report on “the state of the blocked web,” which found that 615 million devices – or 11% of the global internet population – are enjoying ad-free browsing.

7. There’s a 30% year-on-year growth in Adblock usage

In addition to the hundreds of millions of devices using an adblocker, the PageFair survey’s findings of 30% year-on-year growth in adblockers should be cause for alarm for many businesses that rely too heavily on traditional marketing techniques. The good news is that great content can’t be blocked and doesn’t need to be – customers will actively seek it out.

8. 70% of marketing decision makers expect their investment in content marketing to increase in 2017

We’re back to the Zazzle Media State of Content Marketing Survey for this stat, and it’s a telling one. Well over half of the respondents expect their business to spend more on content marketing over the course of 2017, underlining the successes that great strategies have already delivered.

On the other side of the coin, not a single respondent to Zazzle said that they expect their content marketing investment to decrease in 2017, which perhaps says even more!

9. Only 18.1% of bloggers use editors

This stat comes from Orbit Media Studios, a Chicago-based company that interviews over a thousand bloggers every year to get a snapshot of how people are actually writing the articles that they send out into the world. What really stands out in the results is that less than 20% of bloggers have somebody edit their work.

(Writer’s note: I’m a professional writer, working for a content marketing agency, and this piece was edited by three different people!)

There’s no quicker way to turn off a potential customer than by posting something with basic errors, and if you don’t believe us, check out stat #10!

10. 59% of customers won’t use a website with poor grammar

Just in case you wanted proof that the (red) pen is mightier than the sword, check out this slice of data from Global Lingo. Errors don’t just look unprofessional, they can also make potential customers think that your product or service won’t be reliable or of a very good quality. If over half of the visitors to your site are bailing at the first their/there/they’re mix up on a landing page, you should definitely be getting on the horn to the experts.

11. 70% of B2B marketers are planning on creating more content this year

This one comes from the 2017 B2B Content Marketing Trends study compiled by the Content Marketing Institute, and it emphasises perhaps the most commonly misunderstood aspect of the whole process – that you have to really commit. Posting a piece every three weeks just won’t cut it. To enjoy the very best results and get value for your money, you need to make sure that there’s a constant stream of fresh, relevant and interesting material being published.

12. Sites with great content can expect 7.8 times more site traffic

We’re rounding off our list with a few numbers that really drive home what content marketing is all about, starting with this one that’s also from the Content Marketing Institute. There’s a lot of bad content out there, and if you invest in bringing yours to a higher level, the results will speak (and pay) for themselves.

13. Facebook has 1.23 billion daily active users

This Statista stat was probably out of date the moment it was published, with more and more people using Facebook and other social media every day. But you get the point. Writing an article or two in your spare time and flinging it onto your site isn’t enough to harness the potential of social media. You need a comprehensive approach that encompasses not just strategy and content production, but promotion as well.

14. 84% of Australian marketers want to create more engaging content

The Content Marketing Institute’s Content Marketing in Australia 2016 survey says a lot about the state of play Down Under, but this is arguably the most telling piece of information. Everybody wants to be creating blog content that’s more engaging and generates more leads.

15. 68% of viewers feel good about a brand or business after reading its content

If you can get the content marketing process right – spelling, strategy and all – then this is one of the most critical and tangible benefits you can expect. People like to learn things. They like to read interesting stuff and feel good about the companies they buy from.

Content marketing can make that happen.

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