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2013’s top social media marketing predictions

So your company has a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page – where to from here?

Keeping up with the latest trends and developments in social media marketing can be a huge boost for your social media strategy, allowing you to create original content that is fascinating, relevant and importantly, in line with what's buzzing in the social media world.

ExactTarget has released its annual predictions for what will be big in marketing for the year, sharing their ideas for the future of social media, mobile, email, marketing automation and cross-channel marketing in 2013.

A number of industry thought leaders have contributed to the report, including Matt Fleckenstein of Microsoft, Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute and accomplished marketing director Iggy Pintado.

Shape up or ship out

ExactTarget's senior director of product marketing Susan Marshall states that brands will have to think carefully about the content they post, ensuring its "relevant, timely and valuable" so that they aren't dismissed by followers.

Marshall says that people will be continuing to hide content in their newsfeeds to "eliminate unnecessary noise" and only see what's most relevant to them.

Brands that aren't adding any value are likely to see more unfollows or unlikes as Marshall states most people are not emotionally connected to brands.

Ensure that your company has the appropriate practices in place to deliver effective Twitter and Facebook campaigns.

The shift from 'campaign marketing' to 'continuous marketing'

Social media doesn't have a completion date like regular magazine, TV or radio campaigns – it's a platform that is constantly on the go!

Blogger, author and speaker Jeff Bullas says that the reality is that marketing is moving from campaign marketing to continuous marketing, with social media pages becoming a "big daily commitment".

"Creating content needs to be done every day. Then monitoring the engagement and responding to Facebook comments and Twitter streams needs to be attended to," Bullas stated.

"Often outsourcing it or asking the intern to take it on is not just going to cut it."

If your company doesn't already have an appointed social media specialist or team – you may want to consider putting one in place for 2013!

Posted by April Revake.