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22 awesome GIFs that will entertain your audience (and give you a laugh too)

GIFs are definitely one of the best things the internet has given us in recent times. Why say it with words when you can find the perfect GIF to express your sentiment?

Graphics Interchange formats, as they are formally known, have become somewhat of a form of communication within the Castleford offices, and the search is always on to find the best GIF for every email or situation.

However, these silent loops of short video are not just for office banter, they are excellent for entertaining and delighting your audience. Adding a GIF into your blog post can play an important role in helping to illustrate your point, and is likely to dramatically increase page views and consumer engagement.

Short video is commonly predicted to surge in popularity in 2017, so now might be a great time to jump on board and start getting used to incorporating them into your content strategy. Here are some of the most awesome GIFs on the internet that you can use within your office, blog posts or your external emails to brighten up your content and inject some humour into your communication.

For B2B Communications

Whether you use them in your blogs posts or when emailing clients or prospects, these GIFs add a bit of humour to an otherwise bland message and help get your point across!

1. The scaredy-cat

This could go well with some content about ‘always being prepared’, or ‘preparing for the unexpected’.


2. The birthday dog

Have you ever seen such excitement over cake? OK, you probably have, but it’s a bit more entertaining when it’s a dog. This one is great if you have some exciting news to share with your audience or email recipient.


3. The Mic Drop

Obama and his mic-drop is perfect for just about any situation. Cool, calm, collected. Did I mention cool? What a way to make an exit (and from a presidential dinner no less). You might want to do the same the next time you make an excellent closing statement.

Obama out.


4. Laptop kitty

This is the perfect depiction of how you feel if you’ve been at your computer for too long.


5. The happy goat

The enthusiasm is off the charts! Too bad for any other little goats that get in his way, though. Casualties aside, this little goat is just brimming with excitement and it’s infectious.


6. The thumbs up

Because sometimes you just gotta let someone know that everything is under control.


7. The Shia Labeouf

The perfect ‘well done’ GIF – this one really is the GIF that keeps on GIFing.


Within your office

Make your internal communication a bit more amusing – these will go a long way to brighten up the days of your colleagues.

8. The red panda

First of all, this little guy IS JUST THE CUTEST. More importantly, though, his reaction to someone appearing on the steps is priceless. Just when he thought it was ok to turn back around…


9. The confused Travolta

This GIF has been adapted about a million times over to place poor old confused John in just about any situation – battle scenes, quiz shows, beauty pageants – you name it. The original scene is from the popular cult movie, Pulp Fiction.

Here’s my personal favourite:


10. The emotional kid

We can all resonate with this little guy – trying to be brave in front of the crowd but it all gets a little too much. I’m sure this is how most adults feel when the holidays end, too!


11. The oversized wine

Relatable, on so many levels.


12. The treadmill

Please don’t try this at home! This GIF is perfect for those “whoops” moments when you need to make an apology to a co-worker a little more amusing.


13. The wiggle

Kinda catchy isn’t it?


14. The cringy carpark

Everyone has had a touch-and-go moment in a carpark where they’ve accidentally opened their door into the side of another car or backed out a bit too fast. This is bound to make anyone feel better about their carpark mishaps.


15. The GOT

When you leave the office for the day.


Just for fun…

The best thing about GIFs is that they are entertaining. The next lot of GIFs may or may not work in the above two categories (it’s up to you!) but they sure are funny. I’ll let you decide…

16. The watermelon incident

When life gives you watermelons…


17. The Ryan Gosling

Ryan, why won’t you eat your cereal?


18. The ‘Elaine’

Any Seinfeld fan would definitely remember Elaine’s iconic dance moves. Perhaps the phrase ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ was inspired by this?


19. The snooty llama

Oh, look he’s coming over to say hel- nope, he’s got better places to be. This llama just does not have time for you today #sorrynotsorry.


20. The Queen B

Probably how most of us would be if we met Beyonce in person.


21. The romantic taco

One of the most-loved romance films of this century, turned into a joke about a love for tacos.


22. Dancing dog

This one is known well for the accompanying text: ‘When you want to go home from the club but your friend isn’t ready to leave’.


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