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4 quick tips for effective content marketing

Having a tailored content marketing strategy in place can have a number of positive effects on your bottom line, whether you are trying to build brand recognition, improve conversions or exhibit thought leadership.

Here are four ways you can boost your current strategy to offer more engaging, lively and – more importantly – profitable fresh content.

Unique content

Many businesses are guilty of having duplicate content on their website, and this is a definite no-no for all search engines.

Whether you're sharing press releases from partners, copying product descriptions from suppliers or borrowing interesting articles you've seen from around the web, it is likely that you are doing harm to your search ranking.

Rewriting all of your product descriptions and press releases is a time-consuming affair, and you may not have the resources for it in-house, however the benefits are enormous.

Not only can you tailor the content so that it highlights the elements most valuable to your business agenda, you can pepper keywords and links into articles to boost your search profile even further.

Write evergreen content

If you're new to the world of content marketing, then you might not know what evergreen content is – although you will have definitely come across it while surfing the net.

Evergreen content are articles that will always be relevant to your audience, removing the time sensitivity element that can be an issue with news stories and opinion pieces.

For example, topics could include top tips for getting stains out of your carpet, or an article explaining how to best cool down on a sweltering day.

Tips and advice, how-to guides, explaining key terms – these are all goals that lend themselves well to evergreen articles.

Well-written, SEO-driven evergreen content will keep attracting people to your site long after flash-in-the-pan news stories are buried in the archive.

Shareable content

The explosion in social media usage cannot be understated, and with it comes lots of opportunities for companies that have prepared effective Twitter campaigns and Facebook campaigns.

When approached effectively, social media platforms can act as free advertising avenues, allowing people to share your content with friends, family and colleagues.

This means making your content as easy to share as possible. How exactly? Well, there are various dos and don'ts when adding content to social media sites.

Don't simply spam your latest offers to customers. People quickly switch off when they are bombarded by endless sales tweets or messages.

Instead, offer advice, information or interesting research to reel them in. Infographics are a great way of doing this, as they are easy on the eye and jam-packed with stats.

Use whitepapers

Whitepapers are the heavyweight of the content marketing world, spanning numerous pages and requiring substantial effort to put together.

However, despite the work that needs to go into them, they are an excellent way of advertising your services to potential customers, while also having other fringe benefits.

The point of a whitepaper is to pose a problem that is facing your industry, backing it up with case studies, statistics and independent data, then show how your goods or services can help businesses overcome these challenges.

Often, the best whitepapers are light on direct advertising techniques but heavy on evidence and research.

As they are usually downloadable documents, you can boost your data capture or newsletter sign ups by requesting users key in their personal information.

Populating whitepapers with links to other articles or landing pages on your website is also a great way of reviving dead content and improving hits, especially if users are sharing them across social media.

Posted by Francis Finch