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5 benefits social media can bring to customer service

Offering great customer service is something that can set one company apart from the rest of its competitors – but how can you make sure you excel in this area?

Using your social media marketing efforts to complement customer service is just one of the most effective ways of achieving this. Here's how:

1. Respond quickly to customer queries

One of the problems with email based-customer service is that it is not always easy to respond to customers as quickly as they would like.

Social media, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to reply to each query as it arises, so you know that everyone has been dealt with.

2. Stop issues spiralling out of control

Another area where social media has its merits is crisis management – it can be all too easy for an issue to be escalated if not dealt with straight away.

Showing the customer – and other users – that you are making an effort to amend the problem will do wonders for public relations.

3. Increase loyalty

Creating loyal customers is not always easy, but use social media in the right way – holding contests, sending announcements about rewards – and you could find yourself in this enviable situation, especially since social media has such a wide scope.

Bear in mind that loyal consumers are more likely to recommend your products and services – and may do so using social media, expanding your reach even further.

4. Low-cost customer support

The cost of having people manning phone lines and email accounts can be great for some organisations, but social media provides a low-cost option.

Having a dedicated team that deals with enquiries using these pre-established media can help keep costs to a minimum.

5. Express your personality

The team you assign to social media has the opportunity to give your brand a certain personality, which might not always be possible over the phone or via email.

In turn, this can alter people's impression of your company – for the better, of course!

Posted by Emma Furze