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5 easy wins with on-page SEO

When it comes to making the most of your website, some basic on-page SEO represents an easy win. If you've spent time and money on an awesome design and a comprehensive content strategy, some best practice SEO will help you secure the rankings and the traffic you deserve. Here is a quick rundown on some straightforward SEO checks you can run on your site:

Page titles
Page titles should be unique and describe the page content for search engines. You want to avoid stuffing your page titles full of your target keywords, but remember that the crawlers pay more attention to this field than users. A good page title format that can be used across your site is "description with relevant keywords | your brand name".

The content of URLs remains an important ranking factor, especially in less competitive markets. If you've created unique page titles for each page, use them to build your URLs and make use of re-directs to ensure each page is only available at one URL.

H1 tags
Your on-page title or header is a valuable place to use your keywords if you can do it naturally, but just as the page title is aimed primarily at search engines, the on-page title is aimed primarily at the user. It is best practice to only have one H1 (the tag you use to mark up your header) per page. You can use multiple H2 or H3 tags for sub-headings and other important text.

Internal linking
Another missed opportunity you'll often see is in the text on the page. You should use internal links not just in your menu and navigation bars, but also in your on-page copy. This will help push search engines and users through to valuable and relevant content lying deeper within your site.

Videos and images
If you have your own videos and good quality images, don't hide them away. Tag them up and display them prominently on relevant pages. Videos especially are known to improve landing page conversion, while the aesthetic appeal of images and the presence of descriptive alt tags provide a small but useful SEO boost.