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5 quick content ideas for your business

Savvy marketeers have known for years that a good website needs regular, quality content, but the recent Panda, Freshness and Penguin updates from Google mean that quality content is a must and not just a ‘nice to have’.

Now you know you need content that’s unique and valuable to your users, but what on earth is this amazing, Google-pleasing, user-engaging content?

As with most things in life there isn’t just one solution for everyone (if only), so different types of content will work for different businesses and in most cases a blend of different content types is essential. Here are some ideas, which could take your site to new level:

Custom Graphics

Improve the look and feel of your site; get some social shares and natural inbound links

Do your users really want to read through page after page of copy to understand what you do and why you can add value?

Well some will, but chances are a decent chunk of your target audience would prefer to get this information in a quick and engaging format. Whether your users are too time-poor, prefer to digest information in a visual way, or are just too lazy to read what’s on your site, infographics are a powerful weapon in your content arsenal.

Infographics have exploded all over the web in last year or two and this is simply because people love them!! Whatever industry you’re in, there will be stats, processes or stories that can be effectively communicated via an original infographic.

If they’re done well, infographics can improve the aesthetic appeal of your website, attract natural inbound links and give you something shareable for your social media.

Regular Blogging

Keep your site fresh, humanise your business

Add some personality and a human touch to your site by creating a blog.

It’s not a new idea, but there are still plenty of sites that don’t do it. Blogging is a simple way to keep your site updated. You can also use your blog to interact with your users and populate your social media and email campaigns.

Blogging can humanise your business (showing you’re more than a faceless corporate) and help build the personal reputations of key employees.

Tips, Guides and How-to

Expand your keyword footprint; provide a helpful resource for your users

Some days are slow for news, so it’s a good idea to have some ideas for evergreen articles to keep your news page or company blog ticking over.

Guides and How-to articles are a great way for you to act as a resource to educate your users and generally make their lives easier. Top 5 tips, 3 must haves this summer, area guides etc. are all valuable to your users and they are usually not time-sensitive so you can plan them in advance.

This type of content adds a lot of value for your audience, but it also hits those longer-tail keywords that can win you more relevant traffic from organic search.

Compelling Downloads

Grow your marketing database; wow your users with authority content

Sometimes a 400-word blog just doesn’t cut the mustard. If you work in an industry where detail is crucial and you’re dealing with complex subject matter then a whitepaper could be a much more effective way to communicate with your target audience.

Offering professionally-presented, downloadable whitepapers, case studies and guides will provide the sort of authority content users want to keep. You can make these documents more visually appealing with some custom design work and some graphics to break up the text.

Whitepapers and other downloadable content are also perfect for generating leads. You can require an email address or other basic information in exchange for the free download, growing your marketing database.

Obviously there are hundreds of other types of content that you can use to drive traffic, engagement and sales on your site, but I can’t give everything away in one article!! The key is to tailor your content activities to the goals of your business and be flexible enough to adjust the strategy as you go.

I’ll follow this up with some more content suggestions soon…