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5 reasons why you need a content strategist to accelerate your content marketing

A content strategy is the lifeblood behind content marketing – and it is content strategists that are responsible for driving this strategy.

Content strategists have a bundle of skills across a number of different disciplines, which allows them to work with a range of businesses to meet their content marketing goals. From analysing search data to devising social media plans to measuring ROI, your content strategist will be across all of your brand’s needs right from the start.

Let’s take a look at five reasons why having a content strategist is essential for your business.

1. Communication and quality control

For your content marketing efforts to be effective, you need a number of different people to make it work – writers, graphic designers, web developers and more. Having all of these people in the one place will result in more streamlined and better-planned content. Having someone that chases all of these people up for you is even better.

Quality control issues can occur when using multiple freelancers or contractors for your content marketing, and chasing them up over missed deadlines can be frustrating and time-consuming.

A content strategist, however, has access to all of the teams working on your content and is responsible for holding them to deadlines. They will make sure that everyone involved delivers on what they need to and when they need to have it done by, ensuring both the quality and timeliness of the work.

2. Speaking the same language as your customers

How brands perceive their products might be quite different from how their customers perceive them. Just think about how familiar you are with what you sell. Using technical jargon will feel completely natural to you but your audience might be using completely different language, which matters, especially when it comes to optimising your website for search and running effective online ads.

As they are external to your business, agency-side content strategists have the ability to see your products and services the way a customer would. For example, a hygiene company that has more formal names for its products may use the phrase “toilet tissue” in its AdWords campaign, because that’s the name of their product. The problem is that most users would not actually search for this phrase because they call it “toilet paper”.

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3. Cost effective

It may be hard to believe but outsourcing to an agency that has in-house strategy and production teams often works out to be more affordable than hiring freelancers. Content marketing requires people of many different skill sets, and to contract the same amount expert resources will quickly add up.

Freelancers tend to charge per hour for however long it takes them to complete the work, which ends up being a cost that is outside of your control. Content marketing agencies will typically charge set prices for the services that you need, so there are no hidden surprises when it comes to receiving your invoice.

It’s not just about the cost of services, however – cost effectiveness relates to your return on investment as well. If you receive poor quality work from a freelancer that had a cheaper rate you may end up having to get the work re-done by someone else. Getting the best quality the first time and knowing what it’s going to cost up front are major benefits of outsourcing your content marketing wholesale.

4. Content Strategists are data whisperers

Content marketing is a minefield of acronyms so you need someone who knows their CRO from their CTA to guide you through it all. Your content strategist should also be a Google Analytics pro, with the certificate from Google to prove it.

Google Analytics provides vital insights into your content marketing activity, but only if it is set up properly and the data interpreted correctly. A large part of the content strategist’s role is to dig into the data to show you how your content is performing and help make the case for new, exciting ideas.

5. Innovation and Agility

After crunching the numbers, so to speak, your content strategist can keep your content marketing responsive. They are able to adapt and change your strategy to whatever is working well for your business and ensure that you are getting the most of our your content marketing spend.

Dealing with one strategist that manages your entire strategy means they can build a relationship with your brand and become familiar with the ins and outs of your business. If you want to change your strategy or try a new tactic they can tailor the strategy to your needs and incorporate the types of content that are already working well for your brand.

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