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6 simple tips to perfect your email campaign

According to the Psychological Science Journal, it only takes one tenth of a second for people to make up their mind about you, just by looking at your face.

So imagine how long it takes for consumers to make a snap judgement about your brand, just by reading your email.

Content marketing is all about developing a relationship with consumers, so your email marketing campaigns really do need to be up to scratch.

To get some advice from the pros, the VP of Marketing at Fractl, Kelsey Libert, recently interviewed over 500 digital marketers, and shared the results on Search Engine Land.

Here are a few of their top tips:

Make your headlines stand out

If you’re one of those people that come up with an email header in 10 seconds, then you probably need to rethink your strategy.

The study found that headlines are just as important as (if not more than) the content in the email, with 85 per cent saying they open emails based on their subject lines. Make your headers engaging but to-the-point.

What should your emails include?

The digital marketers have mixed opinions on the most effective type of content. While 39 per cent said they prefer exclusive research, 27 per cent said relevant content was best, so providing a mixture of both could be a good content strategy.

Don’t be dramatic

If you have an amazing product and you want to tell the whole world, it’s understandable if you occasionally get a little too excited, but don’t be over the top with your emails.

The survey found a clear disliking to words such as revolutionary, life changing, incredible, stunning, and ironically to the word dramatic. Also avoid addressing the reader as ‘Dear Blogger’, and don’t write the whole email in uppercase letters.

A little punctuation and grammar goes a long way

Whether you whip it out in ten minutes or ten hours, make sure there aren’t any spelling mistakes. The study found 85 per cent of respondents were likely to delete a pitch because of a few typos.

How long is too long?

Keeping consumers engaged is a difficult but important part of content marketing (and hopefully something I’m achieving right now). So what’s the best length for an email?

The study found 45 per cent of marketers said keep it under 100 words, while 42 per cent believe 200 is a good length. Only 12 per cent think anything upwards of 300 words is a good idea.

What’s the best time to email?

The morning is by far the best time, according to 69 per cent of marketers, while 22 per cent said they prefer the afternoon.

Email marketing is an old but good way of reaching online consumers. Use these tips to master your email campaign and really show off your brand.

Posted by Dylan Brown