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A Q&A with Fionna Bass, Castleford’s MVP

A Q&A with Fionna Bass, Castleford’s MVP

Fionna is at the epicentre of all things here at Castleford. If she isn’t working tirelessly on accounts and payroll, she’s organising company events like our annual Christmas party, or ensuring that the grand tradition of Cake Day Tuesday is upheld.

We sat down with Fionna to learn a bit more about this office celebrity, and what she’s learned since working here.

What’s your favourite part about working at Castleford?

I love the energy of the people that work here. Castleford is packed with intelligent, witty and hardworking staff – it really is a pleasure to work alongside them.

I also appreciate the flexible hours. I have school-age children so it’s great to be able to leave early to take them to after-school activities or events, and then catch up on my hours later that day or later in the week. They are growing up fast and it’s really important for me to be there for them when I need to be. It means I don’t miss out.

Could you name some of the things you’ve learned since starting here?

It’s not just my kids that don’t want to wash their dishes, haha!

But seriously, I’ve learned a tonne while working here. From big things like the benefits of content marketing and learning more about payroll and Hubspot, to little things like how to use Trello or Google Docs.

Additionally, while working on the Castleford Auckland office layout reshuffle, I learned that some people guard where they sit very strongly! Others are happy to constantly hot desk, which is interesting. We’re all different, and that’s just fine.

What’s your favourite Castleford story?

I have a few:

  1. There was that time a sales person asked me if my kids were still living in the country – how old did he think I was?!
  2. Also, we had a fire drill at the beginning of the last Christmas party, which did not fit in with my timetable for the evening at all. But it made for a laugh at least.
  3. When I first started, I loved all the hilarious gifs that would immediately bounce around in response to any company announcement.
  4. And when we’ve had desk decorating contests, walking into the office has sometimes been quite surreal! Halloween and Christmas especially are colourful times of year here at Castleford.

You are effectively the guardian of Cake Day at Castleford, but how do you decide what cakes to get each week?

I love cake day. It’s an important tradition here, started by our amazing Natalie Gruner. As for how I decide? I just choose some flavours that I like – at least one person is happy! Any requests are welcome, though. Hershey’s Banana Bread is popular, so I normally get that. Occasionally I’ll also mix it up with a chocolate biscuit frenzy, or Slice Day.

Editor’s note: All hail Slice Day.

If you could start your own business tomorrow and have guaranteed success, what sort of business would it be?

Without a doubt, a dessert cafe specialising in cocktail-themed cheesecakes. Generously laced with alcohol, of course. I’d call it Dessert Cafe, or possibly Pudding Club.

OK, here’s a slightly sillier one – if you could be any animal in the world, what would it be and why?

A kahu [a harrier hawk native to NZ]. I love to watch them fly, and I think it would be amazing to glide on the air currents like they do.


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