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Adjusting your content strategy to Facebook’s new changes

If Facebook campaigns are an integral part of your social media marketing strategy, then make sure to adjust your content strategy each time new changes come through.

On March 13, Facebook's Rose Yao posted on the company blog that new improvements were being rolled out on the timeline helping you to express "what's important to you".

This made it easier to organise things you care about on your About page, and redesigning sections so that you have a place to add movies, TV shows, music and books that interest you.

The changes also provide the opportunity to add other apps, so that you can share more things you do.

"For example, you can include your Instagram photo stream as a section on your timeline," Yao posted.

"If you ever want to remove an app from your About page, visit your Activity Log."

Facebook also responded to feedback that the timeline layout was sometimes hard to read, revealing a cleaner layout in the newer version so that all posts are on the right side of the timeline, with music, photos and other recent activity on the left.

Anum Hussain of HubSpot revealed some ways in which your content strategy should change with the new Facebook news feed.

"If users have the choice of tuning out messages directly from the brands they 'Like' by looking at their All Friends Feed, chances are they’ll do it from time to time," Hussain and Brittany Leaning wrote in the HubSpot publication, How the new Facebook news feed changes your content strategy.

"The only way content from a brand page will get into a user’s All Friend Feed is if a user’s friends share content from that brand page."

Hussain and Leaning suggest people change their content strategy by publishing more visual content, creating 'image-focused' ads, keeping copy short and integrating Facebook and Pinterest strategies.

You can check out the full list of suggested content strategy updates here.

Posted by April Revake.