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Adverts and social media – making the connection

Australians have longstanding love affair with social media, and interestingly, new research reveals that 100 per cent of all Tasmanians have a Facebook account.

In fact no state or territory in the entire country has less than 90 per cent of its population on Mark Zuckerberg's creation – that's according to Nielsen's Australian Online Consumer report.

However the social media sphere for working professionals, LinkedIn only registers with 26 per cent of people in New South Wales and 19 per cent in Victoria. By comparison only  three per cent of people in South Australia use it the Nielsen report revealed.

Marketing magazine and Transmission Design have come up with an infographic based on Nielsen's finding, which highlights not only Australia's apparent love for social media but how businesses have created a content marketing strategy through it.

Of all the types of products that advertise on social media like clothes, music, tech and home wares, 54 per cent of users researched further on fashion as a result of that advert. And statistics show that 40 per cent of the time, research of a product will lead to a sale – although they typically read five reviews before purchasing.

The one undeniable fact though, is that many users of social media who follow brands on networking sites do so in the hope of discounts. 64 per cent of people on Twitter, Facebook and so on look out for companies that offer slashed prices as part of the mentality that shopping online is cheaper than shopping in stores.

Of the attitudes towards advertising on social media, the most overwhelming answer by respondents is that 63 per cent of people answered from neutral to negative on the statement "I sometimes click on ads on social network sites to find out more."

Eight per cent of users on Twitter actually follow electronics as a category, while professions and job-related content only garner three per cent of users' interests.

Posted By Tim Wright