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Airlines take flight with social media

For many travellers or flyers, their first point of contact with an airline can be through social media.

Some travellers may use an airline’s Facebook or Twitter page to enquire about flight details, praise the service they received on a flight or complain about the flying experience they had.

Having a social media strategy in place is essential for airlines to provide customer care, and also entice flyers to their service.

A report by SimpliFlying found that over 75 per cent of airlines invest in more than 90 man-hours per month on social media – that’s around three hours per day!

The Airline Social Media Outlook 2012 found that many airlines “mapped the value of social media performance to business goals” which included brand engagement, customer service and revenue among the top three.

Social media marketing may be proving to be valuable to airlines with the report finding that 70 per cent of the surveyed airlines plan to increase their social media budget in the next year.

This is a significant increase compared to the previous year, where only 40 per cent of the airlines surveyed had planned to expand their social media teams.

Around 85 per cent of the airlines adopt a cross-functional model, with customer service the most common cross-functional role, followed by marketing and corporate communications.

A travel infographic found that around 75 per cent of smartphones connect to a free airport Wi-Fi network, with around 77 per cent querying about flight information services.

This is an example of where an airline’s social media presence can make an impact, with many wanting to find real time information through these social platforms.

A Mashable infographic has looked at how airlines have taken to social media, highlighting that airlines receive six times as many tweets as they send out – demonstrating the amount of engagement that Twitter offers.

Posted by April Revake.