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Airlines the most ‘socially devoted’ to Facebook customer care

Customer service delivered over social media is of rising importance for companies and organisations as more of their consumers move online to air their views – both good and bad.

The element of customer care is becoming vital for any business with a social media strategy, as customer feedback that hasn't been addressed promptly can leave a bad impression for the company.

An infographic from Socialbakers, Socially Devoted, looked at the most responsive industries and brands on Facebook.

Socialbakers described being 'socially devoted' as: opening up the company to fans, receiving and responding to questions, and communicating quickly.

It seems that customer care on Facebook is indeed a growing priority with Socialbakers revealing that brands improved their response rate by 143 per cent over the last year (30 per cent Q2 2012, 62 per cent Q2 2013).

When looking at the most socially devoted industries on Facebook by response rate, airlines came out on top (79.1 per cent), jumping out from second place last year to beat telecom.

Finance came in second (77.7 per cent) for social devotion, followed by telecom (75.2 per cent), retail (65.5 per cent) and fashion (64.9 per cent).

Another infographic, this time by The Connection, has also shed light on the use of social media and customer service.

It revealed that more than one-third (37 per cent) of respondents prefer customer service through social media rather than by phone, with a large majority (71 per cent) also reporting a positive experience with social care.

It's important to keep in mind a certain timeframe when responding to customer questions and requests, with The Connection pointing out that more than half of Facebook users expect a response to customer service inquiries in a day or less.

While sales and marketing can take a big chunk of your social media strategy, don't forget to also leave some room for your social care approach with customers.

Posted by April Revake.