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Alterations to Google Maps give digital direction to millions

The days of claiming you got lost on your way to somewhere new may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to Google.

The search engine giant has again made life just a little bit easier for the general populace with the latest changes it has made to its Google Maps app.

The app may make travelling and finding your way around more than 500 cities around the world a piece of cake meaning you will no longer have to rely on directions from strangers or use a traditional paper map.

For the last seven years, the search engine has been working with transport agencies all around the globe to source travel information, times and prices to make using public transport easier and more accessible. 

Today (August 17), Google unveiled its innovative changes to the Google Maps for capital Android app on the company blog.

The result is the immediate availability of public transport timetables for many international cities, which will make it easier for you to source public transport schedules.

No longer will you have to wonder when the next bus, tram, train or subway is coming – because you will now have all the information at your disposal.

An additional feature of the app allows you to zero in on particular modes of transport and find the quickest route on the bus, train or tram. The app will be able to show you the times and locations of the nearest transport stations and stops.

Some other features of the new app include detailed maps, voice guided GPS navigation, local traffic information and local search and business reviews – all with the explicit intention of making life easier-for this reason you have got to love technology.

Whether you are driving, walking, cycling or taking public transport – Google Maps can get you to your destination.

Posted by Chloe Vaughan