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Amazon plans to release a Smartphone

As the number of consumers choosing to shop online continues to grow, many brands are designing their websites e-Commerce to attract online consumers, as well as investing in things like content marketing and social media.

To demonstrate just how powerful e-commerce sites have become, the international e-commerce superpower Amazon reportedly has plans to release a smartphone later this year.

According to an article published by The Wall Street Journal, Amazon has been showing versions of the new phone to developers in Seattle and San Francisco.

It is rumoured that they plan to officially announce the new smartphone shortly, then start selling it at the end of September.

Of course, the mobile market is incredibly competitive, so to make their smartphone unique, Amazon is said to be making the phone display 3-Dimensional images without the need of 3D glasses.

The smartphone is thought to use technology with four front-facing cameras and retina-tracking to make images appear in 3-D.

Australia’s mobile market will also be a tough nut to crack. Android dominates the smartphone industry, with 62.1 per cent of Australians owning an Android phone, according to Kantar WorldPanel. However,¬†only 28.7 per cent of Australians own an iOS phone.

Amazon has also been making other investments in the technology industry. Last week they announced plans to release Fire-TV, an online streaming device for Television.

Facebook has recently been trying to get into the technology game, too. Last month they announced plans to acquire virtual reality company Oculus.

This shows that popular e-commerce and social networking sites are no longer just websites, but billion dollar enterprises.

The internet has become an incredible powerful place for business, and brands wanting to keep the attention of modern consumers will need to design a content strategy designed to build up a strong online presence.

Posted by Dylan Brown