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Amazon users can add items to their cart on Twitter

Content marketing is all about trying to develop a relationship with online consumers, which in turn inspires brand awareness, and eventually leads to sales.

This may be a new concept to many of us, but E-Commerce site’s have been dominating in online sales for years.

Amazon is a great example of this – the company has dominated E-Commerce for the last decade or so and has become an internationally recognised internet icon.

Recently the site has been widening its expertise by getting the mobile market, with plans to launch a mobile phone of their own later this year.

Perhaps one of the most innovative actions the brand has made recently, however, its brand new feature on the popular social networking site Twitter.

Users can now automatically add an item to their cart on Amazon by replying to any of product Amazon posts on Twitter with “#Amazoncart” (and  #Amazonbasket in the UK), according to MarketingLand.

Consumers can then go ahead with purchasing the product in their own time.

If this features becomes popular, it could be an incredibly beneficial tool for both Amazon and Twitter in the long run.

Twitter is reportedly receiving none of the profits from this arrangement, according to Re/code, but it could encourage both consumers and advertisers to use Twitter.

Regardless of the success of this feature, it is a brilliant example of the type of creativity brands need to take to succeed in today’s competitive market.

A simple way to achieve this is by integrating your online marketing across multiple platforms. Make sure that you have a clear and consistent brand message both on your website, and on social media. This will help develop a relationship with consumers, which in turn will boost sales.

Posted by Dylan Brown