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Android buzz highlights search benefits of news

The buzz surrounding Android phones over the past week or so has highlighted the SEO value of publishing news content.

Android, Google's operating system for mobile phones, has been getting a great deal of attention from established news providers, bloggers and people running searches, thanks to recent events.

First up was the news that Android phones had overtaken Apple's mighty iPhone in the US smartphone market. This was big news as Google – powerful, resourceful and successful as it is – has only recently come to the mobile OS game, making its rise in the US and here in Australia all the more impressive.

Neilson, the highly-regarded market research firm, had Android powered devices on a 27 per cent share of the US smartphone market, closing on the market leader, Blackberry-maker RIM, and just ahead of Apple.

US mobile network Verizon's debut of the iPhone helped keep Android in the news, but the second big injection of headline juice came from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CES 2011, which closed on Sunday, was one of the highlights of the geek calendar. This year's event was dominated by new mobile handsets from leading manufacturers, including the much-vaunted HTC, running Google's Android OS.

The result of all this buzz around Android phones was that Google started pulling results from social media and Google news into its universal results.

"Android phones" and related search terms are, unsurprisingly, highly competitive. Whatever the accuracy of Google's page count, you're looking at upwards of 10 million indexed pages.

But websites that publish original news stories have been stealing a march on their competitors. Yesterday, Google Australia was displaying news results in a prominent position on page one of results for "Android phones" and other similar queries.

Earning one of these positions with an original, relevant news story would have earned the publishing website a huge number of free clicks.