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Android Market to overtake App Store next year

Google's Android Market is adding new applications at a phenomenal rate and will overtake Apple's App Store next year.

That is the headline finding from a new report about the mobile application space from Lookout Mobile Security.

Google's open-source approach has allowed Android's Market to grow by 127 per cent in the past six months. Over the same period, the App Store has grown by 44 per cent.

The news comes as Google and Apple battle it out for a larger share of the global market for mobile phone operating systems.

"We expect both the Android Market and Apple App Store to continue growing at a rapid clip, especially given the overall growth of both platforms," the Lookout researchers said. "As both developer skill increase and user awareness about private data accessed by apps increase, we expect app developers to more judiciously access it.

"We also expect to see more consolidation in the number of ad SDKs (software development kit) in the market with some of the smaller players perhaps leaving the market," they added.

In terms of prices, the more-established App Store saw very little change in the cost of its apps. Around 50 per cent are under 99 cents.

Google's Market has seen more of a shift, with its apps getting more expensive. Six months ago 60 per cent of Android apps fell into the cheapest category (99 cents or less). That share dropped down to 37 per cent this month.

Mobile apps marketplace snapshot 14/02/2011:

Apple's App Store: 348,894 apps
Google's Android Market: 87,785 apps