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Android smartphone generating buzz

Social media marketing isn't just limited to the computer, with many people now choosing to access Twitter, Facebook and company blogs from their smartphones.

And soon even more users may be turning to their handheld devices in order to share and enjoy original content on the worldwide web, with rumours emerging this week (July 8) that Amazon might be planning on entering what is already a crowded and competitive marketplace.

Bloomberg, speaking on behalf of sources close to the project, is reporting that the online shopping giant has contracted Chinese mobile phone makers Foxconn to produce the device, though details are still scant at this stage.

According to Victor Anthony, an analyst at Topeka Capital Markets, the smartphone could be a way for Amazon to increase the number of Amazon store touch points with which users could buy digital media content.

"Amazon has a history of pricing their products aggressively, so if they do come out with a smartphone I expect them to do the same. So it would be a thin margin product, if anything they may even take a loss on the product to be able to drive sales of physical goods as well as digital media content," Mr Anthony told Bloomberg on July 7.

"Usage is moving over to mobile devices, commerce is moving over to mobile devices, so Amazon needs a presence in mobile devices," Mr Anthony added.

Android would face some stiff competition however, with the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy proving incredibly popular amongst Australian consumers.

Furthermore, rumours emerged in May that Facebook too was working on a smartphone which would run on the Android operating platform. While nothing concrete has to come from that story, it would be premature to rule out Mr Zuckerberg's empire just yet.

Either way, it seems the future of content marketing might be hand held, as every day more people opt to join the smartphone revolution.

Posted by Zak Wash