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Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich more than just a delicious dessert

Google has unveiled the company's Galaxy Nexus smartphone, as well as a preview of the all-new Android 4.0 operating system.

The announcement was made in partnership with mobile vendor Samsung at an industry event in Hong Kong this week (October 19).

Samsung's head of mobile business Shin Jong-Kyun emphasised the close working relationship between the two companies by saying they had "closely collaborated to push the mobile experience forward".

He also asserted that the technology and patents behind the latest mobile will attempt to be lawsuit-free – acknowledging the impact legal action taken by industry competitor Apple has had on the brand.

Legal battles in a number of countries have made it increasingly difficult for Samsung to sell its range of mobile products and services.

For example, updates of their Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Ace smartphones in The Netherlands came about after patent violations brought forward by Apple were upheld in court.

In Australia, legal action against the company began in July this year after it was alleged that the Galaxy 10.1 infringed two different touchscreen patents held by Apple.

Yet ongoing disputes and rivalry have not managed to dampen the mood surrounding its latest product unveiling or the impressive updates featured in its latest OS technology.

The next-generation Android 4.0 OS, known as Ice Cream Sandwich, comes complete with a list of basic improvements, which include – facial recognition features, speech-to-text decoding technology that works in real-time, streamlined home-screen and app drawers, increased flexibility in how widgets are used and stored, as well as east to you folders.

Google's email service has also been updated, making improvements to its search and viewing options.

Calendar and people apps are working hard to boost the "cool" credentials of the mobile and search engine provides, but perhaps the biggest technological improvement can be seen in the ability to sync the Android browsers with Google Chrome.

For those in the online retail marketing the possibilities to promote brands via social media marketing campaigns or simply push products online just got a whole lot easier with the announcement of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Posted Aimee McBride