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Apple, Domino’s Pizza and social media

Do you ever get hungry in queues? This thought crossed our minds as we waited in line for the latest iPad from Apple.

The morning air was a little cooler than us Sydneysiders would like, but that didn't stop hundreds of us from putting on our Friday best and holding George St temporarily to ransom.

And while we had expected to take part in the endless IT banter there was a moment when unanimous praise for the high-resolution screen, new camera and general gadgetry stopped as an individual carrying a large tray of take-away coffees walked past.

It was in that moment that all things Apple-related went out the window and bragging about lining up for four days to get your hands on the latest must-have tech item seemed a little thin on importance.

So instead of reading endless iPad reviews from publications like The Verge – which described it as "easily the most beautiful computer display … ever" – or the Wall Street Journal's "while the weight gain was noticeable … it wasn't a deal breaker" our thoughts turned to food.

Hot breakfast muffins with bacon, egg and maybe even barbeque sauce were on our must-eat list along with the usual options of porridge, fruit and yoghurt as well as freshly squeezed orange juice.

But it was only when a fellow Apple fan mentioned dinner as breakfast that our thoughts turned to the wonders of pizza in the morning.

Luckily, pizza can also be a trending topic on social media sites – a recognisable plus in the world of blogging and great segue into Domino's creation of the world's first Social Pizza.

Fans will have the chance to show off their culinary skills making and later voting on the pizza they like best – there is also the chance to win $1,000 cash prize for naming the pizza that wins the competition.

Fellow blogger Elise Ferrari wasn't above pointing out the obvious when she ran across the new app this morning while waiting in line, quipping "if only they home delivered".

Posted by Aimee McBride