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Apple goes green and boosts clean energy rating for iCloud Data Centre

Apple is developing land near its data centre in North Carolina, America to make a solar farm.

The redevelopment plans were first published by the local and regional news provider, the Charlotte Observer, which is based in the same area.

The Observer reported that the company's move toward green energy after the news publication came across plans for a "Project Dolphin Solar Farm A Expanded".

Dianne Straley, tech journalist, was quick to point out that the name Project Dolphin was also given to the data centre before it was officially announced.

The story was based on leaked engineering report permits, which were issued by Catawba County.

According to the permit details, the company is hoping to "reshape the slope of some of the 171 acres of vacant land" in order to turn the so-far abandoned space to generate green energy.

Apple has yet to confirm the development, however, there is strong supporting evidence to suggest that it may be part of their business plan.

Significantly, the North Carolina data centre is also responsible for powering the latest tech development by Apple, its iCloud network.

The company is well known for its use of sustainable energy and has already built clean energy plants in North America and Europe.

These include plants in Austin, Texas and Sacramento, California, as well as outside of the US in the county of Cork, Ireland.

The data centre in Maiden is a new development for the town, which is expected to generate approximately 300 new jobs for the area.

The sheer size of the US$1 billion investment is leading a number of industry experts and technology writers to believe reports are accurate.

In April this year, Greenpeace released a report on internet data centres entitled How dirty is your data? which highlighted the environmental damage brought about by cloud technology.

It criticised a number of IT brands – including Apple – for their energy practices and high levels of CO2 emissions.

Posted by Aimee McBride