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Apple launches iPad mini

Apple fans everywhere were surely holding their collective breaths when the consumer electronics brand held its product launch in California this week.

A litany of new products were unveiled at the launch, including the much anticipated iPad mini, newly updated iMacs and even a fourth generation iPad .

One of the most surprising things about the launch was the introduction of the bigger fourth generation iPad, especially after the previous version was only launched six months ago.

As with the iPhone, Apple has typically launched its tablet on a yearly basis.

Wired Magazine's custom news heard from Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps who said that this was due to the fact that the company wanted to stay ahead of its competitors.

"The faster Apple iterates, the harder [it is] for Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Samsung, and others to keep up," she said.

Rotman Epps then went on to suggest that Apple's pattern is shifting to release an iPhone, then follow with the release of its tablet so the products are able to share the same technology, which makes them such a hit with consumers.

She goes on to say that the upcoming Christmas holiday is a possible reason for such a jam-packed announcement from Apple, as shoppers already have December 25 on their minds.

Breaking with tradition of providing all its products at once, the Wi-Fi models will be shipped out to stores faster than those that can accommodate a sim card.

Despite the mini not being available in Australian stores until November 2 the event did allow the media throng to get up close and personal with the devices that were launched – a feature that other tech giants fail to do, according to Rotman Epps.