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Apple releases iOS 5.0.1

Apple has released its latest software update, addressing several issues for Australian users in particular.

Ahead of its estimated release date, iOS 5.0.1 was made available last week (November 11) and looks to address poor battery life and issues with the personal assistant application Siri.

Battery life has been a wary topic for the technology giant, with Apple having to acknowledge that the new software update was causing issues for users just days after iOS 5.0 was released.

Initially believed to be related to some of the hardware changes with the latest iPhone 4S, operators of the 3GS and iPhone 4 began to report problems, leading developers to simply
blame the issue on a software bug.

For Australian users, Siri's inability to understand accents and dictation has emerged as a frustrating aspect of the technology.

Technology website ZD Net compared the two software updates by reciting a variety of sentences to the personal assistant software, concluding that the latest version was an "merely an improvement" rather than a fix for the issue.

Faster talking speed and lengthy passages appear to be issues that still need to be addressed before some Australian iPhone users can experience Siri's full potential.

"I would happily say that iOS 5.0.1 has gone some of the way of making Australian dictation a lot more useable for Siri," contributor Luke Hopewell said in his ZD Net video demonstration.

The substantial update – totalling 813 megabytes – also sees improvement for iPad users.

Multitasking features such as ergonomic gestures to navigate between apps, as well as pinching together the screen to go back to the home screen have been added.

However, developers chose to keep two key features – a panorama mode in Apple's camera application and a new auto-correct menu in the keyboard – hidden deep in the software until a later date.