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Apple still reigns supreme as tablet web traffic increases

A recent report on internet usage has found that more of us are using mobile devices to access web content.

The study, conducted by comScore, found that smartphones and tablets accounted for almost seven per cent of all internet traffic in the United States in August.

Smartphones are still the most popular mobile device, with tablets only occupying one-third of the market.

Although Android devices claimed a higher share of the smartphone market over Apple (with almost 44 per cent in August), 97 per cent of tablet web traffic in the US originated from an Apple iPad.

The comScore report also found that iPads now account for a higher share of web traffic than iPhones, and that just as many iPad owners were consuming news on their tablet as those using the device to access social networking sites.

News and social networking weren't the only uses for a tablet either – nearly half of tablet owners made or completed a purchase on their device.

Australia was recognised in the study as being one of five global markets which had more than five per cent of internet traffic coming from non-computer devices.

Australians have proven themselves to be avid Apple users, with the 2011 Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index recently reporting that 32 per cent own an Apple handset.

As for tablets, the study also found that almost half of the survey respondents said they owned or planned to purchase one within the 12 months.

Tablets have the ability to offer fresh and original content in a more portable format, without compromising on screen size.

The coming months will prove to be an interesting time in the tablet market, as Amazon gets set to launch its tablet, Kindle Fire, in the United States in November.