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Are facts the key to a successful web page?

The key to writing a successful web page could be considered the holy grail of content marketing – and if new research is anything to go by, we could be one step closer to finding out what it is.

Analysis from the Nielsen Norman Group found that "factually rich content" is what people want to find when they look up websites, not the complicated jargon that some are guilty of using.

The experts pointed out that web users spend very little time visiting the average web page, which makes it more important than ever for the facts to stand out.

The essential thing to bear in mind with any content marketing strategy is that this is the case for every type of person who accesses the internet, whether they are a journalist or a teenager looking up information for an assignment.

Looking at the case study of a journalist, the Nielsen Norman Group found that it is not uncommon for them to skim over text that seems too marketing-related.

One journalist commented: "We need to characterise the companies, not just say what they say. I look for facts … You can smell it if they are trying to cover a bad fact."

Any website owner therefore needs to think carefully about the quality of information they are providing, no matter what page it is on.

So, make sure your About Us page gets straight to the point, offer clear and simple company information and avoid making your website sound like a marketing manual. Apparently you can't then go far wrong!

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Posted by Emma Furze