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Are pre-schoolers ready to use Twitter?

Being tech savvy is common in today's digital world but how relevant is technology and social media to pre-schoolers?

This has come up for discussion following an episode of the Australian Broadcast Corporation's educational program Play School.

In a recent episode, the presenter discussed the topic of communication with an emphasis on social networks and how to use Twitter and Facebook.

During the show the presenter showed the viewers how to tweet and blog – an intriguing move as the show's target audience is largely made up of children under the age of five.

Play School's executive producer Jan Strandling told the News Ltd's Siobhan Duck that it was important to talk about the use of the internet to pre-schoolers. 

"Play School has been around for 46 years and in that time it's always reflected the changing world around us through imaginative play," Ms Strandling said.

In the past the show has been known to discuss some controversial topics. In 2004, the show hit the headlines in Australia for broadcasting an episode which talked about homosexuality.

Children are increasingly becoming technologically savvy and it is important for programs to address the use of social media, she said.

With the constant changes to technology, it is no wonder that small children are going to be exposed to different communication mediums – including social media sites such as Twitter.

Supporters of social media education in early childhood raise a valid point – the earlier a child is exposed to a social network, the more informed they are likely to be if they become a user later in life.

Having the knowledge of what is – and isn't – OK to post on a site like Facebook or Twitter might
help youngsters avoid social media pitfalls later on, especially when it comes to posting inappropriate content.

Posted by Chloe Vaughan