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Which country wins the creativity world cup? [VIDEO]

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Coming up with engaging, high-quality content ideas for your website on a regular basis is not always easy. Needless to say it requires a great deal of creativity.

Now, creativity is something that comes naturally to some of us while others really struggle. In fact, the ability to come up with creative ideas may depend on what country you're from, according to a recent study.

Researchers from Concordia University compared the creative ideas of students from both Canada and Taiwan in a series of group brainstorming sessions.

They chose these two countries because Taiwan has a collectivist culture – meaning people see themselves as a part of the community at whole, while Canadian society, much like other western countries, is focused on individualism.

Students from Canada came up with many more ideas than their Taiwanese counterparts.

However, the Taiwanese students had a slightly higher quality of ideas than the Canadian students.

The Canadians were also more negative in their ideas, while the Taiwanese participants were much more reflective and reluctant to stand out from the crowd.

Something to bear in mind next time you're recruiting!!