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Are you ready to Mensa Battle?

It started out as a joke between two friends about the quality of cafeteria food at their local university.

But now entrepreneur and social media whiz Maurice Etolie is talking about taking Mensa Battle global.

"Mensa is the German word for canteen or cafeteria and the starting point for our food competition," he explains.

"When my friend first moved to Berlin to study he couldn't stop talking about how much better his new city was than ours.

"So I said, well, that may be true but our canteen food is better than yours … and it just grew from there."

The university friends started to photograph images of the people, famous TV characters and tropical islands they made using food on their lunch tray and posting them on Facebook.

Other students quickly began to take notice, making their own food-art creations and debating among each other about which ones they liked most, officially starting the first real Mensa battle.

On February 3, an official Facebook page was set up for the friendly competition attracting more than 600 likes in just over two months.

You can also find them on Twitter using the handle @MensaBattle and the tag #FoodArt.

However, the group's social media strategy is also spread across a number of platforms including Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

"Our flagship is obviously Facebook, but we are hoping to generate as much interest in Mensa Battle as possible and a stop motion video for YouTube is in the works," he said.

Behind the scenes the team at Mensa Battle is also growing and now has 13 volunteers who work as part of the design group, marketing department and IT support.

They are part of a growing number of DIY artists and tech savvy individuals using social media as a promotional tool.

Invisible Children's Kony 2012 went viral on YouTube in March this year, generating global interest in the Stop Kony movement.

While only this week Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea made headlines for teaming up with clothing retailer Ssense in the world's first interactive YouTube music clip – proof that social media marketing is the launching pad for tomorrow's tastemakers. 

Posted by Aimee McBride