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Are you taking advantage of Twitter’s Promoted Products?

Effective Twitter campaigns are vital for any company's social media strategy, so it's important that you are taking advantage of the platform's Promoted Products.

These advertising products can help to promote 'timely and engaging' content for your company, allowing you to make the most of Twitter.

If your company hasn't made use of Twitter's Promoted Products, make sure to jump on board!

Promoted Products include Promoted Tweets, which will help to 'extend the reach' of your Tweets to a broader audience, Promoted Trends, a product which highlights a trending topic at the top of the trends list, and Promoted Accounts, a tool that helps to build your base of followers. 

Twitter product manager April Underwood revealed that gender targeting is now available for Promoted Products in a blog post on October 25.

Underwood stated that they frequently heard from marketers who wanted to target their Promoted Products campaigns by gender – something which Underwood said is a "tough feature" to pull off since people aren't asked to share their gender on Twitter.

Twitter worked on a variety of signals that would help to understand users' gender, and these have proven to be effective, which led to the announcement of gender targeting.

"Similar to our approach to interest targeting, we’re able to understand gender by taking public signals users offer on Twitter, such as user profile names or the accounts she or he follows," Underwood posted.

"We have strong confidence in this approach. A panel of human testers has found our predictions are more than 90 per cent accurate for our global audience. And where we can't predict gender reliably, we don't – and those users won't be targetable through this feature."

Gender targeting could prove to be a useful tool indeed, with Underwood providing the example of a beauty brand delivering a Promoted Tweet about a new line of cosmetics, where it would have its message delivered to its prime audience of women.

Posted by April Revake.