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Are you using one hashtag too many? [VIDEO]


Adding a hashtag or two at the end of your social media posts is a great way to engage users, but having too many hashtags could be doing your brand more harm than good.

Hashtags can be used to increase searchability, create conversations about your brand, or simply add a bit of humour to your posts.

But how many hashtags should you use?

A recent study by Socialbakers found that posts with more hashtags received less engagement, regardless of the quality of the content.

The study found that posts with only one to two hashtags received an average of 593 interactions, and this number steadily decreased as the amount of hashtags went up.

Posts with 6-10 hashtags received roughly half the interaction, and posts with more than 10 hashtags received less than a third than the posts with just one or two.

So next time you send a tweet or post a photo, remember, sometimes less is more.