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Art to alpacas: Q&A with Content Marketing Executive, Frances McHardy

Frances McHardy is one of our talented and committed Content Marketing Executives. She took a break from her busy schedule to tell us a bit about art history, running in Sydney and alpaca studs.

What were you doing before you came to work at Castleford?

I had just completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at Auckland University, and had been working at a few art galleries while completing a research project for New Zealand artist, John Pule.

You look at a lot of websites as part of your job. What’s the strangest website you’ve seen?

I’m not sure if Thief of Hearts Alpaca Stud is the strangest website I’ve ever seen (worm farm websites usually take the cake), but it’s definitely one of the most memorable. It’s a website for New Zealand alpaca breeders, and features hilarious pictures of alpacas covered in ribbons and bows competing in alpaca shows. Also who’s going to forget a name like Thief of Hearts Alpaca Stud?

You’ve been working with the design team on some of our graphics projects recently. Can you think of one that’s really caught your eye?

That’s a  tough question because they produce some fantastic infographics. However, I thought a recent series of graphics we did for a leading insurance provider were especially cool. The two I worked on were themed around running, with one about the best spots to run in Sydney and the other about the best gear to wear while you run. The running spots one was quite long and featured a map of Sydney with different running paths, while the clothing one had a cute cartoon runner wearing different items of running gear and information about the benefits of each item. There was quite a bit of content for both, but Lauren (our lead designer) did an amazing job of presenting it in a really clear and fun way.

What do you like most about working at Castleford?

Definitely the people. It’s wonderful working for quite a small company, there’s a greater sense of community and I think it makes everyone help each other out more. I’ve been luckily enough to do work for marketing, editorial and account management, so I’ve met a number of great people from around the company.

What can we usually find on your desk?

Chips, chocolate and lollies. We have a bit of a snack sharing policy on the marketing team, and as my desk sits in the middle I usually have the closest snack proximity. It’s a blessing and a curse. Otherwise just a couple of note books, scattered pieces of paper and a slinky.

What’s the most embarrassing track on your iPod?

There are a lot of contenders for most embarrassing track on my iPod, but nothing could beat Emma Bunton’s “What Took You So Long”. Oh the shame!!

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