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Art vs science in content marketing

Getting the right blend of fresh content on your website and corporate social media accounts is a tricky business, says one expert, who likens the process to a blend of science and art.

John Webb, international cloud marketing director at Rackspace, made the remarks during an event hosted by the British Interactive Media Association earlier this month, observing that the most successful content marketing campaigns are based on a focused strategy and clear direction.

Professional writers, he explained, are an exceptional resource when it comes to creating relevant, timely content that resonates with your target audience. While in-house marketers tend to focus on the "science" of marketing matters, writers tend to get right to the heart of the issue – establishing effective communication and a strong connection with the target audience.

Webb said: "Marketing as a discipline needs to understand you can't be lazy and rest on your laurels – you need to create famous – ideally infamous – content to cut through."

He also emphasised the increasing importance of making strong connections through social media.

"It's all about having a strong strategic thought process … the word ‘social’ may well disappear in the next three to five years as it becomes so integrated it's a given, like digital," he added.

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Posted by Kaitlyn Critchley