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Aussie, being a twin and rewinding time: A Q&A with Kayleigh Kent

Aussie, being a twin and rewinding time: A Q&A with Kayleigh Kent

Kayleigh is one of our beloved account directors at Castleford. She’s been with us for a number of years, equally passionate about both some of our smallest and largest clients. But what makes Kayleigh tick?

Let’s find out.

So, what made you want to live in Aussie?

(Without being negative about my hometown…) I guess you could say I heard Australia was a place with more opportunities and better weather, so it was a very appealing option. But I didn’t actually think about ‘living’ here until I was a few months in and offered a sponsorship. Like most people, I left thinking I was going to work for a little while, travel for a bit, then return home in a year’s time.

Now you’ve been here a while, what is it you like about living in Aus?

Literally everything – except being away from my family.

It’s a combination of the sun, a good brunch scene, better wages (am I allowed to say that?), and having a really great bunch of people around me that makes life here amazing.

What’s your favourite Castleford memory?

It’s difficult to choose one!

Trent singing karaoke at the staff party last year is a definite highlight (I have a video if you want to embed that). Editor’s note: Not sure we’d get away with embedding that. But imagine a young Freddy Mercury.

Another of my favourite memories is one that I wasn’t even here for, but I’ve imagined it so many times it feels like my own memory. One of our BDMs broke his finger by pulling up his jeans in the office one time! I laugh so hard when I think about that.

Right, time to dig into the weirder questions. What’s an interesting fact about you that most people don’t know?

I know a lot of people would say this, but I’m really not very interesting! However, most people are surprised when I say I have a twin sister. I don’t know why, but when people find out they seem really interested by it. They want to know how similar we are, and when I tell them we are honestly opposites, it fascinates people even more.

Oh, I also used to have three sets of front teeth…

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I want to say something basic like ‘become invisible’, because I love to listen in on other people’s conversations and I could travel for free. But I would also love the ability to go back in time. Not to make any changes (except maybe a couple), but so I could relive a moment again.

What moments would you relive?

I would go see my Gran one more time, or maybe experience uni all over again. If this also meant that I could rewind time and never die, then that would be a bonus.

If you won Lotto tonight, what would you do with it?

How much are we talking?

I’d think hard about how I could share the wealth to make an impact on someone else’s life. You know, do something for charity. I’d then like to buy my mum a house, and take her and my sisters away somewhere.

If I had money left after that I’d probably invest in a house for a bit of security. Then I’d take off and see the world!

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