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Aussie blokes consume twice as much online video

Aussie blokes spend twice as much time as Aussie women watching online videos, according to research out this week. A survey by comScore found that Australian men spent just over 10 hours watching videos on the internet during October.

The gap between women and men was consistent across different age categories. The biggest consumers were men in the 15-24 and 25-34 categories, who set aside 12.9 hours a month for online videos.

Now, the percentage of men and women who watch online videos is about the same, so it's just a case of men spending more time doing it. That probably has something to do with the disproportionate amount of content aimed specifically at a male audience.

But the internet isn't just there to serve our baser needs. Video content can also be a great marketing tool. It offers websites a chance to differentiate themselves from their competitors and enrich the user experience.

There have been some interesting studies suggesting a strong link between relevant video content and higher conversion rates. Little demos of how products work, for examples, can be a great way to get potential customers past their lingering doubts about making a purchase.

Unique video content boosts SEO, which means more traffic from the search engines. Video also makes good link bait. Just like an interesting news story or decent piece of reference content, an informative, humorous or particularly creative video can earn you valuable inbound links from third party sites.