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Aussie brands take on content marketing

It is fair to say that most Aussie brands are aware of the fact that social media, digital marketing and e-commerce go together – they complement each other, take advertising dollars online and help to boost profit margins.

But it seems that a number of companies have difficulty turning awareness into commercial success.

This is especially true for more established enterprises that are used to relying on television, billboard and print campaigns to generate interest in the products they sell or services they provide.

And while this may be an important aspect of your brand's marketing campaign, it can be difficult to keep up with consumer spending habits using such media, as people are often browsing the web for a better deal.

There are, however, simple steps companies can take to make sure they hold on to loyal customers and expand their clientele. They just involve a little elbow grease and a crash course in social media.

The first step in getting social is to open standard accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ – and make sure it is easy for consumers to make purchases via these pages.

In some cases this may mean including live links to your website and using iFrame functionality to help people buy via Facebook – either via an app or when they are already online.

If this sounds too complicated then there is always the option of using social media as a platform for engaging consumers by encouraging feedback.

This may mean having to make a few apologies, but it is also a fast and cost effective way of finding out what consumers like and want in a brand.

Interactive campaigns aim to tap into products people are already using and then use these items as a starting point for a broader discussion.

This type of marketing campaign often combines stalls in outdoor settings that link to an action which can take place online via Facebook or another social media platform.

Posted by Aimee McBride